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Writing and editing services for social impact organizations

Hi! I'm Jen, the founder of Bright Island Communications

Welcome! Excited you're here. 

Please get in touch if you'd like to learn more about my services. 

Report Development and Formatting

 Our specialty is developing polished and engaging reports that communicate impact through accurate information and evidence, meaningful stories, and compelling data. Our reports are formatted to engage your target audience as well as capture and convey your most powerful results.

Content Marketing

Bright Island crafts compelling, evidence-based content that captures your brand voice and speaks to your target audience. Our content is 100% created by humans, for humans. 

 Writing & Storytelling

Evidence-based writing doesn't have to be boring! Our engaging digital stories weave language, data, infographics, and images together into colorful tapestries of meaning. 

Copy Editing

With a seasoned editor at the helm of all projects, you can be assured that the language in your document is not only crisp and on point but also beautifully error free and formatted to your specifications.   


Megan Jehn, MS, PhD

Associate Professor of Epidemiology

School of Evolution and Social Change

Arizona State University

"I direct a large interdisciplinary public health research team at Arizona State University. We are dedicated to promoting equity by coproducing research with nonacademic collaborations. One way that we do this is by putting increased focus on stakeholder and engagement outputs such as lay publications, blogs, and websites. Bright Island Communications has been invaluable to our team over the past two years with copy editing, writing, and storytelling. Most recently, Jen helped us design a digital storytelling website to accompany a recent scientific manuscript to increase the accessibility of our findings. She is thoughtful, creative, professional, and a joy to work with."


Bright Island is what I call my rural sanctuary on Faial, an island in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. A volcanic outcropping in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Faial can sometimes feel like a solitary place. But at the intersection of the Eurasian, African, and North American tectonic plates, it is also very much a place of connections.
As the site of the world's very first transatlantic communication cable, the island has a long history of promoting effective electronic communication. Embodying that spirit, I operate my digital health communications business from my island home office. 

The Bright Island is a place where the ocean greets the sky and vision meets reality...

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